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Mobile Brake Repair

Brake Services in Macon, GA

ProTech provides the following mobile brake system repair services:

Brake Pad Inspection

Brake Pad replacement

Brake Caliper Inspection

Brake Caliper Replacement

Brake Line Inspection

Brake Line Repair

Rotor Inspection

Rotor Repair / Replacement

Brake Fluid Flush

Your brake system is one of the most important systems of your vehicle. Ensuring your vehicle's brake system is maintained properly will keep you and your family safe. Help keep your brake system working efficiently and safely by calling ProTech Mobile Mechanic. We offer mobile brake repair services to all of Macon, GA and surrounding areas. Our services include a visual inspection of the brake system, replacement with new fluid that meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and proper disposal of used fluid.


“ProTech came out fast after I started hearing a screeching noise coming from my car wheels. They replaced my brakes and got me back on the road safely."

Sharice J. - Macon, GA

“It's really awesome having a Mobile Mechanic you can rely on. They changed my brakes today but the real value is knowing I can always rely on them."

David D. - Macon, GA

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