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Hi, we're ProTech


The only trusted Mobile Mechanic company in Macon, GA

Here at ProTech we're a small group of passionate individuals trying to improve how your car gets serviced. We believe the days of waiting in a greasy shop are long gone. Our certified mechanics come to you, wherever you need them and whenever you need them. We do this all at a lower cost than your local dealership. Save time and money with ProTech.

We save you time & money.

How our service works for you.

Our mechanic comes to you, no need to tow or drive to a shop.

We perform work at your location, no need to wait in line.

That's it. Save more time and money with Protech.

Drive or pay to have your car towed to a shop.

Wait in line for your turn to talk to a mechanic.

Wait for your car to be serviced.

Wait while your car gets serviced.

Wait in line for your turn to checkout and retrieve your keys.

Finally, after too much time and too much money you get to drive away.

How others service your car.

Cut out the wait with ProTech

and save some money.

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